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  • Albert Market (Banjul)
    Ladies with their garden produce, Albert Market sells a variety of all food produce, fabrics and local crafts.
  • All the colours of the rainbow!
    The Craft Market in Bakau, about 20 minutes by car from Hibiscus House
  • Arch 22 (Banjul)
    Built in 1966 by Pierre Goudiaby Arch 22 is a commemorative arch on the road into Banjul
  • Sanyang Beach - as quiet as you like
    Strole along beautiful Sanyang Beach then relax in one of the beach bars, about 30 minutes drive south from Hibiscus House
  • Nature - beautiful sunbirds
    Taken in the gardens of Hibiscus House, Clive Barlow once said when visiting ‘you have birds that shouldn’t be here – it is a little oasis for them’
  • Batakunku beach
    About 15 minutes away by car, you could feel as though you were on a tropical island
  • Bringing home wood for cooking
    Whilst bird watching in Brufut Woods, an idea place to see Nightjars and the Verreaux’s Eagle Owl these boys came past having collected wood for the family cooking
  • Bringing in the fish
    Tanji fishing village is just 5 minutes by car from Hibiscus House or you can walk along the coast. Atmospheric and full of action
  • Butress roots (Abuko)
    Abuko was The Gambia’s first nature reserve and is perfect for early morning bird spotting, Alige our guide and nature watcher at Hibiscus House is always there to help you
  • Choose your vegetables the local way
    Supermarket are not the norm in The Gambia and shopping is much fresher and far more fun. Hibiscus House is situated in a village and just round the corner you will find the ladies in the small local market selling their fish and small pyramids of fruit and vegetables
  • Collecting oysters in dug out canoes
    The oysters grow in clusters on the roots of the Mangroves and the best way to reach them is in a dugout canoe
  • Colourful Bakau Craft Market
    Heading north towards Banjul Bakau Craft Market offers crafts from Sand Painting and wood carvings to traditional made cloth from a back strap loom
  • Craft shop (Kartong)
    Always colorful, always friendly and ready to dance or sing a song, that’s why they call it ‘The Smiling Coast’
  • Kachikally Sacred Crocodile Pool in Bakau
    The Gambia’s most popular attraction and well worth a visit. Charlie is about 70 years old and 3 meters long. Alongside you will find Kachikally Museum which should not be missed
  • Dying at the Batik factory
    Some of the wonderful traditional patterns in the fabrics of Africa are created by stitching and dyed with natural vegetable dyes, the craft is passed from generation to generation. Part of the ‘Local Flavors’ Trip with Alige from Hibiscus House
  • Every drum has a purpose ...
    Kachikally Museum in Bakau is excellent for finding out about The Gambia traditional ways of life
  • Green vervet monkey (mother and baby)
    Early in the morning or late afternoon is when they are most active, just ten minutes away from Hibiscus House
  • Wolof hide drum at Kachikally Museum Bakau
    A well-presented museum with wealth of information
  • James Island - Roots visit
    An early start will get you traveling up The River Gambia on ‘The Roots Visit’ this can be booked as a tour through Gambia Experience or privately at Hibiscus House
  • Just caught your lunch! (Batakunku)
    Fresh fish and seafood cooked to order is one of the great pleasures you can enjoy in The Gambia
  • Making traditional Fula fabric at the Batik factory
    There are many different tribes in The Gambia, this fabric of the Fula tribe tradition, carefully stitched and dyed with Indigo. The Batik Factory is one of the visits on the ‘Local Flavors’ tour from Hibiscus House
  • Pelicans in the sunset
    Photograph taken at Tanji beach, these majestic birds are found can be found both on the coast and The River Gambia
  • Pied kingfisher - Amazing Birdwatching
    The Gambia is known for its birds, Calypso Beach Bar is a perfect place to relax
  • Pirogue on the River Gambia
    Explore The River Gambia and its Bolons on a pirogue, trips can be arranged with Alige our guide at Hibiscus House
  • Wild life - Red Columbus Monkeys
    The Monkey Park just 10 minutes by car from Hibiscus House is a great experience
  • School day out on Brufut Beach
    Seedy Jatta at reception will take you to visit to the local school, the AVI Nursery School is just a short walk from Hibiscus House or Brufut High School is in the main village. Always a wonderful experience
  • Shopping in Banjul
    Banjul is the capital of The Gambia and the main port. A visit can be organized from Hibiscus House
  • Sunday morning football
    Every village, every school, every evening, every beach, football is never very far away
  • The Kora at Kachikally Museum
    A wealth of traditional musical instruments and talents can be seen and heard in The Gambia, instruments are made from gourds, skins and hide. Griots sing the family history at weddings and naming ceremonies
  • The River Gambia
    A peaceful day out on a pirogue and a packed lunch can be organized from Hibiscus House
  • Visit to the Bee Project
    A most interesting project and well worth a visit, this can be organized from Hibiscus House
  • Weaver bird nests
    Amazing craftsmanship
  • Weaving in Bakau
    Traditional woven cloth is still used for special occasions in The Gambia. This loom is in the Craft Market in Bakau
  • Wonderful bird life
    The picture of this Cordon Bleu was taken in the gardens of Hibiscus House, other birds that regularly visit: Blue Breasted Kingfisher, Paradise Fly Catcher, Splendid Sunbirds, Pygmy Kingfisher, Plantain Eaters and Green Parrots. The Gambia is known for its great variety of bird life
  • Wrestling in Sanyang
    Entertainment on a Sunday afternoon on Sanyang Beach
  • Holding a snake - not for everyone!
    An interesting project with well-informed guides seeking to educate both Gambians and tourists

Out & About

- Whatever you would like to do
- Wherever you would like to go
- We will endeavour to make it happen for you

Trips from Hibiscus House


The Gambia is an easy and diverse country to explore, it is all there waiting for you, our slide show gives you a glimpse of what you might see

Abuko Nature Reserve

The Abuko Nature Reserve, 8km south of Serrekunda near the village of Lamin, is a place for nature lovers and bird watchers with over 200 species of birds. The 105 hectares of tropical vegetation serve as a sanctuary for the country’s fauna and flora. You can enjoy a gentle walk along shaded pathways and through one of the last surviving examples of gallery forest. You will see many varieties of bird life, chameleons, colourful lizards and crocodiles. The trip is educational, quiet, relaxing and enjoyable. A recommended visit, open daily 8am-6.30pm. The best time to spot animals is early morning or at dusk.

Banjul and Arch 22

It is best to visit Banjul, The Gambia’s capital city, before the midday sun. Arch 22 has a fantastic view of Banjul and the River Gambia. The National Museum has a display of traditional tools, weapons and textiles.  Experience the hustle and bustle of the markets, which inside are a maze of stalls, including an area where you can find a wide collection of fabrics, woodcarvings, masks and jewellery.  The morning is completed by a refreshment stop at a local beach bar where a welcome cold drink can be purchased before returning to Hibiscus House around lunchtime

Local Flavours of The Gambia

The day starts at Bijilo Forest Park. The ‘Monkey’ park covers approximately 50 hectares and consists of superb coastal forest and scrub overlooking the beach. After a 15-minute drive to Katchically crocodile pool, where you may be fortunate to see ‘Charlie’ the crocodile. The history of this holy place will be explained to you by your guide. The next stop will be Bakau Craft Market to see craftsmen at work and an opportunity to buy the exquisite wooden carvings produced. A welcome stop for refreshments will be at one of the local bars where you can buy a Julbrew, soft drink or water. From here we move on to Serrekunda, the most densely populated town in The Gambia The market is a maze of small stalls and workshops. The stalls are separated by alleys and are organised in different sections, walk around to smell and admire the colours of the vivid West African food ingredients: orange palm oil, pungent dried fish, small pyramids of vegetables, mangoes and oranges, stalls of intriguing powders and dried herbs. Serrekunda also has a famous batik factory in Dippa Kunda. A visit to Serrekunda will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Makasutu Cultural Forest (‘Holy Forest’)

Learn more about Gambian culture & wildlife

Drive to the international award winning Makasutu Cultural Forest, a palm forest situated on a beautiful meandering tributary of the River Gambia (Mandina Bolong) encompassing five different ecosystems – gallery forest, savannah, mangroves, palm forest and wetland/salt flats.  You will get the chance to see European and African birds such as Lilly Trotters, West African River Eagle, Black Heron and the Goliath Heron. The morning is spent exploring the mangroves in dugout canoes followed by a nature walk through the forest hoping to catch a glimpse of a few monkeys, mongoose, monitor lizards and baboons.

After an African lunch, members of the Jola tribe will come to demonstrate their dancing and you will have the chance to join in! On your way back to Hibiscus House we will stop at Brikama Craft Market where you will have a chance to see many local craftsmen at work, predominately wood carvers.

River Gambia Creeks

Fishing and relaxing in the creeks from a pirogue.

The boat departs from Denton Bridge, cruising along the oyster creeks and meandering through the tributaries of the River Gambia on a 50 foot Gambian style pirogue. This spacious open deck boat is an ideal fishing platform and has a 30-foot sunshade.

Tackle and bait is included in the price – using light 6-foot spinning rods and fixed spool reels you can expect to catch fish up to 30lbs. There is plenty of help for everyone and is therefore ideal for beginners as well as experienced anglers. Even spectators are welcome to enjoy the day. We do ask that any small fish be released so that waters are not depleted. The crew will assist with this.  

You may see local fishermen casting their 'jallo' (huge circular nets) or the oyster ladies in their dugout canoes collecting oysters. But for most people, the real pleasure will be a chance to get a close up view of the aquatic bird life, from Osprey to Pelican. The boat is then anchored in a secluded spot for the chance to have a dip and cool off.

Food and drink is not included but Hibiscus House can provide a picnic or you could have lunch with the monkeys at Lamin Lodge…!

Early Bird River Trip

This trip is organised by African Adventure tours who will collect you from Hibiscus House where you will join a 60ft local Pirogue. Only for the early risers as departure time will be around 5.30 am


Experience an historic journey 200 years back in time to Alex Haley’s “Roots”.

The trip starts with a long, lazy, two-and-a-half-hour cruise from Banjul directly upriver, taking you to the ancient trading station of Albreda.

After a 15 minute walk you reach the edge of the village of Juffure and the Museum of Slavery before continuing to the original home of Alex Haley's great great grandfather 'Kunta Kinte' which is still occupied by the family.

Back on board a picnic lunch is served, before continuing your journey to James Island. Steeped in slave trade history, the fortress ruins tell the tale of colonial rivalries and it is possible to imagine the hundreds of slaves shackled together awaiting transport to an unknown and uncertain future. Disembarking from the boat into small boats can be a little difficult but help is on hand from the crew. On the return journey to Banjul, dolphins often join the boat in the estuary of the river.

4X4 Beach Day

An off the beaten track adventure in either Land Rover or Range Rover which follows the coast of this exciting country and also uncovers the Gambian village way of life. This can be a dusty and bumpy day but is well worth it.  During the day there will be the opportunity to visit some villages and experience the hospitality of the friendly locals. Before lunch we visit a local palm wine compound where you will learn how palm wine is tapped and offered a taste to sample. Lunch is available from one of the many beach bars in the south of the country, followed by the chance to swim and sunbathe.

In the afternoon a further stop at the Tanji museum gives the chance to learn more about traditional Gambian culture. Finally, we drive past a typical fishing village before heading back to Hibiscus House.

4X4 Southern Gambia

Go beyond the routes of a normal tourist excursion with the opportunity to visit the remote area of Southern Gambia combined with a cruise on the river, which divides Gambia from neighbouring Senegal.

You will start with a visit to the Siffoe Farm and then proceed through the savannah of the lesser known area of Gambian countryside toward the border with Senegal.

We arrive at Berending where a traditional West African river craft is waiting to take you for a cruise around various inlets and islands of the Allahein River. The scenery varies from mangroves to open mud flats and fascinating banks of oyster shells. Here there is a good chance of spotting monkeys and some of the varied birdlife of this part of the country. Local fishermen and women are often seen digging for mussels in the mud or collecting oysters from the mangroves.

After about 45 minutes of cruising in and out of Senegal we disembark at Kartong, the most southerly part of The Gambia where lunch is available with peaceful views over the river.

On your return journey we visit the only reptile farm in The Gambia, this is a sanctuary of reptiles, snakes, lizards, geckos, chameleons and turtles – a highlight not to be missed.

Tanji Village Museum

This is a reconstruction of an African village, spread over a large area, with mud and thatched huts of various designs. The huts contain displays of traditional artefacts and furniture, with explanations about their use and significance. In the vegetarian section there are descriptions of local plants with their properties and uses explained.

A lovely display of African life in an out-door museum, local craftsmen at work including weaving and metalwork.
Drinks and maybe food available

Batakunku Beach

Situated just beyond Tanji, Batakunku beach is located within a beautiful bay with a local beach bar offering cold drinks and very good cooking. Sun beds are provided along with shade for protection during the heat of the day. Good for swimming and walking.

Brufut Beach

Fifteen minutes walk (or a five minute drive) from Hibiscus House; Brufut beach is a large open bay. To the north you can walk to the Senegambia tourist area and southwards to the local fishing area. Not recommended for swimming in certain areas or times of day.

Lamin Lodge

Set on The River Gambia. An ideal place to watch the early morning bird life and monkeys.

Food and drinks available.


The Fajara Club in Fajara has an eighteen-hole golf course.

Kololi Beach Club in Senegambia offers an eighteen-hole pitch n’putt golf course.

Sun Downers

Sunsets in The Gambia differ to Europe due to being closer to the equator. Sunsets take about 45 minutes and what better way to see the sun go down with a drink in your hand and the view of the Atlantic Ocean in front of you.  Some nibbles are also included.

Beach Fishing

Many fish can be caught including barracuda, ladyfish and rays. You are welcome to bring youe catch back to Hibiscus House where you can either cook your own fish on the BBQ or get our chefs to prepare a meal for you.

Deep Sea or Creek fishing

This trip is organised by external fishing specialists who supply all equipment and bait. Their boats are equipped for either 2 or 4 people

Visit to Brufut School

There are various local schools in Brufut which Hibiscus House can arrange visits to.  For more information, please contact us and we will be able to tell you more.

AVI Nursery School

Just 5 minutes walk from Hibiscus House and well worth a visit, Seedy at reception is one of the school governors and will always organize a visit for you

Stay at Hibiscus House and Visit the Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Centre

You can stay at Hibiscus House and we can organize your transport with a guide to the Chimpanzee rehabilitation centre which is situated in The Gambia National Park.

Commonly known as Baboon Islands, the River Gambia National Park (RGNP) is located just 300 km up the Gambia River in one of the least disturbed parts of the country. These islands offer the rare opportunity of viewing the last of The Gambia’s wildlife and lush gallery forests, while staying in both privacy and comfort.

The RGNP is also home to the Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Project (CRP) which was established on the islands in 1979 for the care and introduction of orphaned and unwanted chimpanzees. Wild chimpanzees disappeared from The Gambia in the early 1900’s, but there are now more than 100 chimpanzees living in four separate social groups on three islands in the RGNP.

Transport cost and guide to and from The Chimpanzee Project is cost approximately £500 for 2 persons for 2 days.

  • Leaving Hibiscus House in time to catch the first ferry from Banjul to Barra on the north bank
  • Car journey to Kantuar
  • Boat from Kantuar to the Chimpanzee Project

Chimpanzee Project accommodation and food is not included in this price.

We can organize booking but often it is easier for the guest to do this and we can fit in around dates.

The return journey can take a little longer and include Wassu Stone Circle and Villages along the north bank.

For more information, please download the information sheet and brochure.

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