Dominic & I were truly blessed to have inherited such a wonderful staff at Hibiscus House.  Many of the staff have been working together for up to 10 years!  It truly feels like a family.  The Staff are service-oriented and are all very aware of the increasing expectations of our Guests, with a common goal of delighting all who enter the grounds.

Tips – In a relatively poor country, Tips become important.  We would ask our Guests not to Tip individual members of Staff but to leave a Tip with our Manager Seedy Jatta who will ensure the Tip is shared equally between all staff.  This feels like the fairest way and it encourages all levels of Staff to work together as a Team and not as a single entity.

All Reviews are shared with the Staff and believe me when I tell you that they relish them! They are printed out and put in the Staff Room and any corrective feedback we receive is used s a marker for improvement.  Me, telling the Staff they are doing a good job, is not nearly as effective as our Guests telling them!


"Comfortable rooms and five star service"

"The staff from the maintenance gentleman through to head of house are excellent and well up to European high end hotels"

"Every single member of staff are a credit to the hotel, friendly and attentive without being intrusive"

"All the staff were so friendly and engaging, really setting apart the intimacy compared to larger hotels"

"Usually don't bother with reviewing on Trip Advisor, but the exceptional service we've had here has meant we feel it's time to break the habit"

"There's a real family feel to the team here and nothing is too much trouble"

"Wonderful hospitality and the kindness of the staff throughout the stay made the hotel feel more like a home rather than just a 'hotel'"

"Wonderful staff and never felt isolated or lonely whilst staying on my own"

"The staff are so lovely, extremely helpful and nothing too much trouble"

Meet Our Staff

The African Women's Leadership Organisation Conference May 2019

At the beginning of May, Hibiscus House hosted The African Women's Leadership Organisation (AWLO) Conference.  The Participants travelled from Nigeria, Libya and The United States of America.  The subject matter for the conference was Leadership & Empowerment for African Women and the amongst the participants were many prominent women within their own countries/communities.

We were delighted to have been able to, not only offer our Conference facilities to the group, but also the Rooms, Suites & stunningly private & serene grounds of Hibiscus House.  We were informed that the environment & the efficiency of our wonderful Staff, enhanced their learning experience & overall enjoyment of the event.

Our thanks to AWLO for trusting in our Hotel & Staff, to be able to deliver our promise of a personalised & smooth running conference.  My thanks also go to my Staff, who worked tirelessly to ensure that all scheduled & un-sheduled demands were met with good grace and an expedient manner. 

The Gambia’s Facts of Life!

  • Smallest country in the Continent of Africa
  • It is called *The* Gambia to differentiate it from Zambia!
  • Is Geographically surrounded on 3 sides by Senegal
  • Was a British Colony – independent in 1965
  • Became a democracy in 2017
  • Rejoined the Commonwealth in 2018
  • The Gambia has the longest airport runway in Africa, it
  • Served, for decades, as an Emergency landing strip for the Space Shuttle
  • The Gambia is tribal yet welcomes mixed-tribe marriages
  • The Gambia is poor – yet the compassionate culture means
  • that there are proportionately less people living on the streets or going hungry than in most countries in Western World
  • The main tourist season is November till end of March
  • April & May are beautiful climatically and hardly any humidity!
  • The sun is out and hot all year round, the rains ‘green season’ is during July/August & is stunning)

Holidays in Gambia Through the Year

Just 6 hours flying time from the UK (and other parts of Europe), and without changing any time zones from GMT, the Gambia is the perfect spot for your holiday. The main tourist visiting months are through the winter, when the weather is perfect for that bit of winter sunshine.

The Telegraph recently published an interesting article about things to do in Gambia, available to read online:

Trips in The Gambia

Out & About
Whatever you would like to do
Wherever you would like to go
We will endeavour to make it happen for you

Some Trips are better than others at different times of the year. Please ask which are the best at the time of your visit!

The Gambia is an easy and diverse country to explore, it is all there waiting for you, our slide show gives you a glimpse of what you might see

We appreciate greatly the time and effort given by our Guests to give us feedback.  Without it we cannot continuously improve and delight our Guests.  We took over the lovely Hibiscus House in April 2018.  All past comments have been extremely useful as a benchmark to improve our lovely Hotel and have been instrumental in informing renovation and upgrade priorities to both service and accommodation.  We hope you see the difference!

Recent Improvements

In April 2018 we installed a completely new top of the range Wife System with 6 access points allowing for consistent Wi-Fi in all the bedrooms, not just the public areas.  We have found this highly successful however African Wi-Fi is slower than some Guests are used to at home.

The Generator
In April 2018 we installed a brand new 51 kvg silent automatic Generator which has been one of the most valued changes as far as our Guests & our Staff are concerned – it has proved to be invaluable.

Bedroom Soft Furnishings
Every bedroom has had a substantial makeover with new crisp linen and soft furnishings and exterior seating

TV’s & Air Con
Some might value the addition of TVs & Air con – some might not.  However these are now available in our rooms for those who wish to use them.  Often the very effective fans are enough!