The African Women's Leadership Organisation Conference May 2019

At the beginning of May, Hibiscus House hosted The African Women's Leadership Organisation (AWLO) Conference.  The Participants travelled from Nigeria, Libya and The United States of America.  The subject matter for the conference was Leadership & Empowerment for African Women and the amongst the participants were many prominent women within their own countries/communities.

We were delighted to have been able to, not only offer our Conference facilities to the group, but also the Rooms, Suites & stunningly private & serene grounds of Hibiscus House.  We were informed that the environment & the efficiency of our wonderful Staff, enhanced their learning experience & overall enjoyment of the event.

Our thanks to AWLO for trusting in our Hotel & Staff, to be able to deliver our promise of a personalised & smooth running conference.  My thanks also go to my Staff, who worked tirelessly to ensure that all scheduled & un-sheduled demands were met with good grace and an expedient manner.