The Gambia’s Facts of Life!

  • Smallest country in the Continent of Africa
  • It is called *The* Gambia to differentiate it from Zambia!
  • Is Geographically surrounded on 3 sides by Senegal
  • Was a British Colony – independent in 1965
  • Became a democracy in 2017
  • Rejoined the Commonwealth in 2018
  • The Gambia has the longest airport runway in Africa, it
  • Served, for decades, as an Emergency landing strip for the Space Shuttle
  • The Gambia is tribal yet welcomes mixed-tribe marriages
  • The Gambia is poor – yet the compassionate culture means
  • that there are proportionately less people living on the streets or going hungry than in most countries in Western World
  • The main tourist season is November till end of March
  • April & May are beautiful climatically and hardly any humidity!
  • The sun is out and hot all year round, the rains ‘green season’ is during July/August & is stunning)

Holidays in Gambia Through the Year

Just 6 hours flying time from the UK (and other parts of Europe), and without changing any time zones from GMT, the Gambia is the perfect spot for your holiday. The main tourist visiting months are through the winter, when the weather is perfect for that bit of winter sunshine.

The Telegraph recently published an interesting article about things to do in Gambia, available to read online:

Trips in The Gambia

Out & About
Whatever you would like to do
Wherever you would like to go
We will endeavour to make it happen for you

Some Trips are better than others at different times of the year. Please ask which are the best at the time of your visit!

The Gambia is an easy and diverse country to explore, it is all there waiting for you, our slide show gives you a glimpse of what you might see